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James May: Our Man in Italy
Amazon | Plum Pictures

Following the huge success of James May’s six-part travelogue - ‘Our Man in Japan’ - for Amazon Prime Video, the Grand Tour presenter was dispatched to Italy for a second series – and Dream Sequence was given the task of creating the majority of the show’s on-screen graphics.


Surely unprecedented in detail (in the niche world of travelogue documentary map cutaways), Dream Sequence created a stylised 3D map of the Italian mainland and island of Sicily – highlighting the many landmarks featured in James’ journey. And, of course, his mode of transport.

Chapter Titles

Divided into 5-8 chapters, each episode required a 3-second cutaway to mark the key beats of James’ trip. Inspiration was taken from 1950s travel posters – bold, bright and fun, to chime with the tone of the series.

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